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The magnetic needle revolutionized physics. At the beginning of the 19th century, this magnetized needle allows physicists to prove the existence of links between electricity and magnetism: a discovery at the origin of a scientific and industrial revolution.

Over the centuries, the compass has grown considerably to the point of becoming today an indispensable instrument of orientation. From the great explorers to the most fashionable creators, all give it an important reputation. Classic or eccentric, sporty or military, colored or phosphorescent, orientation or pocket, calibrated on the northern or southern hemisphere ... Choosing a compass is expressing a desire, a personality, a desire to travel, but also to affirm your style. As much to tell you that it is difficult to have only one! To allow you to buy your compass online in all peace of mind, Compass Rocks offers you a catalog prepared with the greatest care, including more than 100 models, for all situations, all tastes and all budgets.

Expertise of the compass

At Compass Rocks, the instrument of orientation is a passion that is shared and lived fully! Several enthusiasts work to offer you more and more compass models. Whether it is to please you or to offer, at Compass Rocks you are sure to find the ideal compass!

Leader of the sale of compasses in Europe, Compass Rocks selects for you the best models of compasses among the biggest brands like Silva, Ritchie Navigation, Suunto or Naturahike. All styles are present on our shop, both for hiking, scuba diving and for your own vintage collection. Our experts are at your disposal at any time to advise you and guide you in your choices. Buy a compass at Compass Rocks is to offer the service of the best online compass expert in Europe!

Choose your model

To make your choice, proceed in a geometric way: first identify if your need is similar to a rather sporty hiking compass, a vintage and trendy compass or for professional use, then make your choice in the type of frame: pocket compass, suitable for card reading, with or without aiming, digital display, the features differ depending on the model. You then have to decide on the material: metal, plastic or wood, as well as color and other features such as water resistance. We've put filters in place so you can accurately select the compass style that's right for you.

The price is also a criterion of choice to order: it is for this reason that we strive to offer you the most attractive prices on the internet.

We offer you advice on choosing your compass.

Discover the new orientation compasses of the Suunto brand

Deliberately sporty, Suunto compasses find their inspiration in the Nordic Finnish provinces and perfectly embody the Scandinavian style and modernity.

The brand places as much importance on the quality as on the aesthetics of the models. Thus, it applies to use quality materials: double mounting on sapphire, neodymium magnets or liquid capsule for stabilization of the needle.

Developed in collaboration with Märten Boström, World Sprint Orienteering Champion, the compasses are specifically designed for speed and flexibility of use.

We offer a selection of compasses of the brand, balanced and optimized visually, which will make you progress for sure. Discover the many models of Suunto compasses.

Compass Suunto AIM-6 for Sprint Orienteering
Compass Silva 100B/H

Silva compasses available on Compass Rocks

Anchored in the landscape of the Swedish compass, Silva was founded in 1933 by the three brothers Björn, Alvar and Arvid Kjellström. It all started when they invented the first compass filled with liquid. Their solution was more precise and set the global standard for the operation of navigation devices. The brand Silva was born.
Silva have been the choice for many years of orientation and outdoor enthusiasts from all over the world. Variable seasons in Scandinavia, especially rainy autumns and snowy, dark winters, have pushed the brand's engineers to produce high-quality equipment that has been tested and validated many times before entering the market.

Find the range of Silva compasses available for all explorers, even the youngest.

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