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Compass Suunto MB-6 with Global needle to be used all around the world
Suunto MB-6 Global compass hung around a woman's neck
Woman looking into the sighting tools of the Suunto MB-6 Global compass
Woman holding the Suunto MB-6 Global compass in the snow

Suunto MB-6 Global compass

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A feature-packed globally balanced compass in a handy matchbox style case.

  • Fast, Globally balanced needle with jewel bearing
  • Sighting tools for accurate direction taking
  • Rugged construction

The rugged compass

A tough compass with a super rugged protective housing and with features needed in navigation at high elevation.


This compass have a Global needle balanced to be used all around the world.

Size 67 x 47 x 22 mm
Weight 57 g
What's in the box? Suunto MB-6 Global with lanyard, declination correction tool, Quick Guide