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Marine compass Silva C58
Compass Silva C58
Compass Silva C58

Compass Silva C58

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Silva C58 is a bracket mounted steering compass designed for movement and optimized for powerboats.

Fitted with a detachable bracket, it can be mounted on almost any vehicle, including power boats, and in almost any direction: horizontally, vertically or up-side-down. The 12V integrated illumination makes the C58 suitable for night navigation.

With multiple mounting plates (one included) you can easily move your compass between vehicles as well as between different places on your boat. The compass comes with the feature of built-in deviation compensator which allows adjustments (up to ±40°) if the compass is interfered by another magnetic field.


According to your choice, this compass have a needle balanced to be used in the northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere or in equator area.

Accuracy ± 1° (17.8 mils)
Apparent card diameter 55mm
Built-in compensator Yes
Card type Cone
Compatibility Powerboats
Declination adjustment Up to ± 40°
Dimensions 88x76x81mm
Gimballed cradle No
Heeling angle Roll: 20° Pitch: 20°
Heeling angle scale No
Illumination 12V., Red
Lubber lines Yes, 1 centre
Material ABS, Acrylic
Memory ring No
Mounting Bracket
Mounting angle Any
Temperature operating range -10°C to +70°C
Type of compass Steering compass
Variant Magnetic North, Magnetic South
Water resistance Waterproof
Weight 205g
What's in the box? Compass Silva C58