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Silva EXPEDITION compass with it's scale lanyard and yellow housing
Carte des échelles de mesure en mm et pouce utile pour mesurer le risque d'avalance

Compass Silva EXPEDITION

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The Silva EXPEDITION compass is for experienced users and professionals. It has been a global leader when it comes to accuracy, precision and durability for many years and come with two completely new features: a Slope card and a Scale lanyard.

  • Scale lanyard
  • Slope card
  • Magnifier
  • Night use
  • Clinometer
  • Romer scale

    Advantage in all circumstances

    Silva EXPEDITION features easy-handling Dryflex™ housing, silicon rubber feet for precision map work, detachable safety-release lanyard, night-enabling luminous markings, magnifying lens, a clinometer for measuring slope angle, map-measuring scales in mm or inches, 1:25,000, 1:50,000 and GPS scales, plus built-in adjusters for magnetic declination (including permanent local adjustment). The Silva EXPEDITION can also map-measure 1:40,000.


    The slope card is great both for detecting avalanche risk and for determining how challenging your journey will be. By knowing the slope you can also judge any extra distance that you need to go due to the slope. The scale lanyard has two scales on it; 1:25, and 1:50, which facilitates to measure the distance of your hike. Since its soft and bendable it’s easy to place it directly on to your route on the map. The new graphics contain a more distinct arrow (Expedition) and also a more contemporary font.

    According to your choice, this compass have a needle balanced to be used in the northern hemisphere, southern hemisphere or in equator area.

    Weight 50 g
    Clinometer yes
    Declination adjustment Permanent adjustment for local magnetic declination
    Scales 1:25k, 1:40k, 1:50k, GPS scales, Lanyard; 1:25, / 1:50, mm, inch
    Silicon friction feet yes
    What's in the box? Silva EXPEDITION compass, slope card, scale lanyard