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Suunto Clipper compass
Suunto Clipper compass on a watch
Suunto Clipper compass on a belt
Suunto Clipper compass on the sleeve of a coat
Suunto Clipper compass on a map
Suunto Clipper compass on a glove

Compass Suunto Clipper

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Attach and make it part of your outdoor gear for easy direction taking

  • Fastens to strap, sleeve or map edge
  • Operable in low light with luminescent markings

The Compass that is part of your gear.

Suunto attachable compasses form a natural part of outdoor gear, freeing up hands and easing the mind.


According to your choice, this compass have a needle balanced to be used in the northern or southern hemisphere.

Sizes 30 x 24 x 11 mm
Weight 5 g
Water resistance insensitive to water pressure
Luminous markings cardinal directions
Attachment clip
Compass accuracy
Compass resolution 10°
Operating temperature -30° C to +60° C / -22° F to +140° F
What's in the box? Suunto Clipper L/B SH Compass
  • Liquid filled jewel bearing compass
  • Balanced for southern hemisphere
  • Cardinal directions in luminous prints on card
  • Direction on rotating bezel in 10 degrees increments
  • Clips to watch strap, sleeve, strap of backpack, side of map etc.
  • A fun, super compact aid for underwater navigation
  • Suunto limited lifetime warranty
  • Made in Finland